Components for thin-film treatments

Customizing thin-film characteristics

During the deposition sequence or even after the application of the evaporation material onto the substrates, there are also opportunities to influence the characteristics of the coated layer through ion bombardment, thus modifying its mechanical or optical properties. BühlerLeybold Optics offers a large variety of proprietary ion sources to meet individual process demands, depending on the dimensions of the coating chamber.

Plasma sources

The LEYBOLD OPTICS LION RF source is based on the electron cyclotron wave resonance (ECWR) principle. The source is completely integrated into the Bühler Leybold Optics control system, providing all of the benefits of a modern process operation. With its simple single grid (mesh) design, the source allows easy maintenance and low production costs. LEYBOLD OPTICS LION 300 is designed for large coating systems, as are the SYRUSpro 1350 and SYRUSpro 1510 which allow large-scale, high layer-quality production.

The LEYBOLD OPTICS APSpro technology delivers maximum performance and productivity for the optical thin-film coating industry. This technology has the unique ability to produce shift-free optical coatings for both low- and high-index materials at low temperatures, without additional heating. The plasma- and ion-assisted deposition (PIAD) process is used mainly for coating materials such as metal oxides and nitrides, but can also be implemented for applications utilizing pure metals and non-metal oxides.


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