Sunflower Impact Dehuller DGBB

Sunflower Impact Dehuller DGBB .– Efficient dehulling technology. For consistently high product quality.

– Consistently high product quality at a high throughput rate
– Inspection window in the feeder allows observation of product flow
– Rugged design for reliable operation
– Easy-to-adjust impact plate and feed slide gate
– Easy maintenance and minimized downtimes

Sunflower Impact Dehuller DGBB

In order to achieve optimal extraction results with a low percentage of residual hulls when processing sunflower seeds, efficient dehulling technologies are required. The DGBB dehulls sunflower seeds in a proven way while achieving the highest throughput rates. Consistently high product quality at high throughput rates
This sunflower impact dehuller achieves high throughput rates up to 180 metric tons per day. To ensure a consistent product quality, the horizontal feeder spreads the seeds uniformly across the complete width of the rotor. The rotor hurls the seeds against the impact plate, separating the product into hulls and kernels.

Efficient, flexible dehulling and lower fine dust content
As a result of the specific design of the impact plate, the seeds are efficiently dehulled and the number of damaged seeds is minimized. Also, undersirable fine dust, which may increase the oil impregnation effect, is perceptibly reduced. Different moisture content values or sunflower seed varieties can be taken into account by adjusting four set-points in order to achieve a consistent dehulling degree.

Rugged design for reliable operation
The rugged frame structure with its vibration pads minimizes vibrations and noise. The durable rotor, beater plates and impact plate, magnets, and seals are subject to only minimal wear, ensuring sustainably reliable operation.

Easy maintenance and minimized downtimes
Large service doors provide easy access to all components. The rotor, beater plates and impact plate can be exchanged within a very short time. The readily accessible feeder allows easy cleaning of the magnets and fast adjustment of the feed slide gate. The inspection window integrated with the feeder allows easy checking of the product flow. All of these features minimize downtimes, as well as operating and maintenance costs.


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