Steamer MBDA

Steamer MBDA - efficient treatment of cereal grains.

- Uniform steaming
- Excellent sanitation, minimal maintenance
- High flexibility
- Economical operation

Steamer MBDA

Bühler's steamer MBDA is employed in the food industry for the hydrothermal treatment of cereal grains. It is used in combination with the flaking roller mill BCFA or the kiln Granotherm DNCB. First-class material preparation via uniform steaming.
  • A special steam distribution system in the steaming zone directs saturated steam to several different points in the material, thus ensuring that steam is distributed evenly. The steamer's cylindrical design also contributes to uniform steam distribution by facilitating consistent material flow.
  • The steamer's subsequent retention zone serves to balance the temperature and moisture in the individual grains, guaranteeing consistent material quality.

Excellent sanitation and low maintenance requirements thanks to intelligent design.

  • The exclusive use of stainless steel in the fabrication of the steamer eliminates the risk of material contamination via corrosion and fulfills all food requirements.
  • The steamer is constructed without moving parts and enables maintenance to be carried out quickly and easily.
  • The cylindrical design prevents material back-up and ensures mass flow.

Modular design provides high material and process flexibility.
The modular design of the steamer MBDA allows it to be adapted precisely to meet specific material and process requirements and offers a solution customized exactly to the customers' needs.

High quality insulation for economical operation.
The steamer comes equipped with high-quality insulation, thus reducing energy loss during operation to a minimum.


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