SORTEX E1D Optical Sorter

SORTEX E1D Optical Sorter - High sorting performance in a small footprint.

- High efficiency in defect removal
- Hygienic design
- High capacity, consistent performance
- Low maintenance and running costs
- Easy to use

SORTEX E1D Optical Sorter

Added assurance for safe, clean food.

Developed as a colour and shape sorter, used directly after the freezer tunnel in the frozen vegetable, fruit or berry processing lines to effectively remove gross and subtle blemishes. The SORTEX E1D is enhanced with practical functionality features such as a forward-feed system and multiple pre-set modes for a high throughput, easy-to-use and reliable operation.

High efficiency in defect removal.

  • Combination of high-resolution camera technologies & double-sided viewing
    Accurately detects subtle defects and foreign material with broad-spectrum lighting, enchanced InGaAs technology and custom-designed cameras.
  • PROfile (Shape) technology
    Removes defects through size and shape features and when used in combination with colour, defect detection is increased.
  • Broad-spectrum lighting
    Enables viewing of a wider range of defects. This system carries a selection of filter options; from blue to short-wave infrared (SWIR) wavelengths.

Hygienic design

  • Easy access, open design
    Open design stainless steel frame construction for hygienic operation and easy cleaning.
  • Doors sealed to IP56
    Electronics are protected.

High capacity, consistent performance

  • High throughput
    The forward vibratory feed system maximises the throughput capacity.
  • Continuous operation
    Requires no daily calibration – increases production time.
  • Consistent, reliable and stable operation
    Advanced feed, vision and ejection technologies deliver high-capacity sorting with high uptime and productivity.

Low maintenance and running costs

  • Fitted with UHMW-PE chute
    Minimal moving parts, maintenance-free and hygienic.
  • Easy access to all enclosures
    Reduce serviceability cost.
  • Low running costs
    Low power consumption with single phase supply.

Easy to use

  • Graphical user interface
    Easy to use touch-screen interface.
  • Pre-set modes
    Multiple pre-set modes for easy product changeovers.
  • Customised in-feed vibrator
    Easy installation. Ensures accurate feeding of product on to the chute.

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