SORTEX E1A Optical Sorter

SORTEX E1A Optical Sorter - Removes foreign material (FM) introduced in the packing line.

- Removes defects, packaging and foreign materials by colour, shape and size
- Consistent performance
- Low maintenance and running costs
- Easy to use
- Hygienic design

SORTEX E1A Optical Sorter

Added assurance for safe, clean food.

The SORTEX E1A optical sorter has been developed for the packing line, to remove challenging foreign material such as plastics, wood and cardboards. Enhanced with cutting edge technologies such as high speed ejectors, cameras, detection software and practical user features, the SORTEX E1A provides an added assurance of delivering safe and clean food.

Removes challenging FM and packaging material. 

  • High resolution camera technologies
    Accurately detects subtle defects and FM with broad-spectrum lighting, Enhanced InGaAs technology and custom-built cameras. 
  • PROfile (Shape) technology
    Removes defects through size and shape features and when used in combination with colour, defect detection is increased.
  • Broad-spectrum lighting
    Enables viewing of a wider range of defects. This system carries a selection of filter options; from blue to short-wave infrared(SWIR) wavelengths.

Consistent performance.

  • Excellent accept quality
    Single-sided sorting effectively removes defects with low yield loss to meet high-level market demands. 
  • Quality sorting
    Removes challenging packaging material such as wood, blue plastics and cardboards from complex vegetable mixes. Handles applications where the defect colour overlaps the product colour.

Low maintenance and running costs.

  • Effective Illumination
    With two halogen lamps. Reliable and low in maintenance.
  • Low running costs
    Low power consumption with a single phase supply.

Easy to use.

  • Stable operation
    No need for daily calibration.
  • Intergrated reject conveyor
    Manages output of reject product.
  • Transfer vibrator, supplied as standard
    Ensures accurate feeding of the product to the chute .

Hygienic design.

  • Easy access, open design
    Open design stainless steel frame construction for hygienic operation and easy cleaning.
  • Doors sealed to IP56
    Electronic are protected.

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