Complete Operational Confidence for optical sorters.


A SORTEX® optical sorter is a precision engineered high performance machine needing skilled maintenance to ensure optimum safety and performance.

Optical sorters are the security of a food company’s reputation in a process line. They operate to ensure that the end produce is a worthy representation of your reputation and quality, ensuring food is clean and safe to eat.

Bühler’s worldwide Customer Care organisation delivers the highest quality local support ensuring optical sorters perform at maximum possible efficiency, delivering optimum productivity and making the best return on investment.

TotalCare™ from Bühler offers you the opportunity to create your own service packages, composed of individual service features, to best suit your needs, safeguarding and protecting your operational performance:


TotalCare Protect – Performance Protection
Replacing key wear parts periodically, Bühler engineers will provide consultation and advise on future maintenance requirements protecting the value of your investment.

TotalCare Perform – Minimising Downtime
Safeguarding against any failed components, Bühler engineers will work to repair and optimise your sorter, ensuring first-rate performance.

TotalCare PerformPlus - Ejector Refurbishment
Ensuring that sorters are running at peak performance, ejectors are replaced when the stipulated life-cycle is reached. Performance, maximum capacity and quality are maintained for the future.

TotalCare Anyware - Supervised Functionality
Provides a working record of operational information as well as reports that enable machine health to be monitored and preventative maintenance scheduled.
Maintain Optimised Performance.

TotalCare AnywarePro - Remote Access and Assistance
Sorter performance can be viewed remotely by customers and Bühler engineers. Faults can be diagnosed and performance optimised in any location using a laptop or tablet. Sorter performance can be viewed on a smartphone.
Ultimate control.


Enhance Performance,
Maximise profitability.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is eligible for cover?
Anyone who currently owns a Bühler SORTEX optical sorter, including those who have purchased a pre-owned sorter, can apply for cover. Some pre-cover checks such as a technical inspection may need to be completed before cover is accepted.

How long is a TotalCare contract?
Currently the contract options available include 1,2, 4 and 5 years. If you are unsure about the length or level of performance protection you require your local Bühler representative will be happy to help you decide which best suits your needs.

Can I purchase two or more TotalCare options for the same machine?
The contracts have been designed so that each individual option offers a distinct function and level of cover. Depending on the customer requirements, the most popular of these contracts is generally a combination of cover from the Protect, Perform and Anyware options. Your Bühler representative will be happy to assess your requirments, making suggestions and explaining the entire process.

Does this effect my manufacturer’s warranty?
No, this provides performance protection and is supplementary to this warranty.

Can I apply for TotalCare for an older machine?
Yes, older machines can be included in the TotalCare programme. Renewals will only be accepted within 2 months of the end of existing contracts or warranty. Outside this, a technical audit of the machine will be required.

How much does it cost?
The cost of the contract varies depending on your SORTEX model, its age and the contract(s) in question. Your local Bühler representative will be happy to discuss your needs and help you pick the best contract type to suit your company.


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Optical Sorters fed on innovation.
Bühler’s innovative product portfolio comprises of intelligent optical sorters, which detect and remove defective product and foreign material in food products and other commodities.

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