Single-spout Bagging Station MWPE

Single-spout Bagging Station MWPE – for easy and reliable bagging.

- Excellent sanitation
- High operating reliability
- Minimized maintenance

Single-spout Bagging Station MWPE

The single-spout bagger MWPE is suitable for packing open-mouth bags made of paper, plastic, jute, or cotton with a filling weight ranging from 10 kg to 50 kg and a bagging capacity of 6 to 10 bags per minute. Weighing can be performed using the optional net-weight or differential-weight scale. Dust-free process for excellent sanitation.
  • The single-spout packer MWPE is equipped with a dust-tight bag spout. It ensures that no dust whatever is generated – a precondition for clean machine surroundings.
  • All components in contact with the product have an optimized geometry to prevent the creation of dust zones. This contributes to product purity and makes cleaning easier.

Reliable packing through optimal system components.
Pneumatic system components are applied on the bag spout of the bagging unit. Thanks to its dust-resistant design, the machine’s proneness to trouble is reduced and thus a high degree of operating reliability is ensured.

Low maintenance requirement thanks to rugged design.

  • The rugged design of the MWPE packer is characterized by its proven system components, some of which require little maintenance and others none at all. The overall maintenance requirement is thus minimized.
  • All machine elements can be quickly and easily exchanged whenever the need should arise.


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