Silo Scale Granex MSDT

Silo Scale Granex MSDT – weighing of the highest standard.

- Superior measurement precision
- Top sanitation
- Minimal maintenance
- High throughput capacity

Silo Scale Granex MSDT

The silo scale Granex MSDT is an automatic, discontinuously totalizing, open hopper scale without jacketing that offers throughput volumes ranging from 80 m3/h to 1600 m3/h. It can be employed as a receiving scale as well as a transfer and loadout scale with various varieties of grain. State-of-the-art technology for precise measurement results.
  • The suspension of the weigh hopper at three points ensures a high level of stability in the weighing cycle. 
  • The excellent quality of the measuring cells guarantees high measuring accuracy. 
  • The universal control unit MEAG employs intelligent weighing algorithms for the highest possible precision.

Optimal design for top hygiene.
Because the geometry of all components of the silo scale Granex MSDT that come in contact with the material has been optimized, the formation of dust zones is virtually eliminated. This contributes to ensuring product purity.

Easy maintenance thanks to robust design.

  • Those machine components exposed to greater stress are made of wear-resistant materials. This guarantees the long service life of the system. 
  • The grain scale has no lubrication points whatsoever, thus no maintenance is necessary in this regard. 
  • System components can be replaced easily and quickly as required. 
  • The use of highest-quality seals results in maximum service life for the bearings.

Compact, stable and powerful.

  • The design of the Granex allows for stable operation without vibration even at high capacities. 
  • The dimensions of the hopper slide gate have been optimized for the weighing process. This allows for maximum capacity in a compact design.