ShearMix S™

ShearMix S™ - Powerful chocolate mixer and kneader.

- Mixer and kneader in one machine
- State-of-the-art technology
- Easy to clean and maintain

ShearMix S™

The ShearMix S™, which has been specifically designed for mixing and shearing chocolate and coating masses of average to high viscosities, mixes the ingredients into a homogeneous mass. A special spiral stirring unit and a patented kneading and shearing edge are used for mixing and shearing. Equipped with a variable-speeddrive, the mixer becomes a kneader when operated in the high-speed mode. The result is an extremely efficient homogenizing of the chocolate mass.

Mixer and kneader in one machine
Newly designed tools allow for optimal mixing and shearing action which shortens mixing times and maximizes throughput rates. The high shearing action results in maximum release of immobilized fat.

State-of-the-art technology
The machine provides a variable drive with a plug-in gear and features generous space conditions for feed of components and access to the mixing trough. A swing-up cover at the top of the mixer acts as inspection opening with safety grid and makes adding of components easy. Four high-precision load cells enable precise weighing. Thanks to the thermostat control with either open or closed water circuit and in conjunction with a hot water system energy-efficient and precise temperature control is no problem. The dimensions of the mixer-kneader were especially designed to exchange older machines like the Bühler SMC easily with the new ShearMix S™.

Easy to clean and maintain
During the development of the ShearMix S™ special attention was paid to a high-sanitation design. Self-discharge at high capacity and good residual discharge minimizes production leftovers in the process chamber. Smooth paneling allows for easy cleaning.


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