Shaking Predryer TRVD

Shaking Predryer TRVD – efficient short goods predryer with modular design.

- Best predrying results
- Low energy consumption
- Flexible adaptation through modular design
- Easy cleaning

Shaking Predryer TRVD

Bühler's C-line® shaking predryer is used for predrying of short goods and prevents sticking of pasta products both in storage and in the dryer. It extracts up to six percent of the pasta's moisture, thereby preparing it for transport and for the main drying process. Efficient ventilation for intensive predrying.
The intensive predrying effect is made possible by strong, uniform ventilation, supported by a proven configuration of ventilator fans.

Energy-saving thanks to excellent heat insulation.
Optimized paneling provides very good heat insulation, thus ensuring low energy consumption.

Modular design covers a full range of capacities.
Thanks to a modular design that allows for various configurations, the C-line® shaking predryer can be adapted to meet any capacity requirement.

Optimized design for easy cleaning.
The doors located on the sides of the C-line® shaking predryer can be removed easily without tools for cleaning. Free access beneath the shaking sieves enables further optimization of the cleaning process.


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