TopHusk™ Separator DRHC/DRSD

TopHusk™ Separator DRHC/DRSD – efficiency in the rice milling process.

- High efficiency
- High product quality
- Easy operation and maintenance

TopHusk™ Separator DRHC/DRSD

The Bühler TopHuskTM separator is a unique high yielding and world leading paddy huller and husk separator with rubber rolls and vibro feeder. It is used to hull paddy and separate husk without a third fraction. Its main field of application is the rice milling industry. The separator can be applied on any variety of rice effortlessly. Highly efficient through accurate feeding.
A chute feeder ensures the precise feeding of each paddy kernel. Automatic feed point control compensates for the roll wear and avoids uneven pressure, which results in minimum breakage rate at high capacity.

High quality products thanks to outstanding hulling performance.
Accurate husk separation and a high hulling degree ensure a high product quality.

Easy handling, high service standards.
Features like the connection to an efficient aspiration system, the rolls on quick clamping adapters, the hub for accurate fit and the automatic disengaging at product flow interruptions, as well as intensive air cooling, enable easy operation and maintenance and further improve the efficiency of the rice mill.