Sanimix Batch Mixer MRMA

Sanimix Batch Mixer MRMA – For high-precision, homogenous mixing.

- Homogenous mixing
- High throughput
- Excellent sanitation
- Durable and dependable
- Easy to clean

Sanimix Batch Mixer MRMA

The Sanimix Batch Mixer MRMA enables quick and homogenous mixing of powders, flakes and granular materials. The chopper version can also be used to produce mixes to which solids such as block fat are added. This premium-quality Bühler module is ideally adapted to the specific needs of the customer. It can be optionally equipped with a liquid injection system, product temperature monitoring or other practical features. The unit is available in four different sizes with volumes of 500, 1000, 2000 or 4000 liters. Optimal geometry for top mixing results
  • Optimal geometry and interaction of mixing trough and tools contribute to reducing mixing times while maintaining the same high level of mixing quality. This enables the production of consistent and reproducible mixes.

High throughput thanks to shorter mixing and discharge times

  • Horizontal mixing of the product is completed quickly, thus speeding up the entire process. The large outlet flap ensures fast, residue-free discharge. These features result in high throughput capacities.

Ideal design for excellent sanitation

  • Sanimix features a gap-free mixing chamber that prevents cross-contamination. Compressed air purging of bearing seals provides additional protection against product carryover from one batch to the next. Maximum tightness and the highest degree of sanitation are thus guaranteed.
  • Stainless steel construction and optimized surfaces further enhance the hygienic properties of the Sanimix MRMA.

Highly durable and dependable construction

  • The rugged, asymmetrical stainless steel design ensures a long service life and reliable operation of the mixer.
  • A safety control system constantly monitors the mixer operation. In addition to protecting the product, the safety of operating staff is always guaranteed.

Easy cleaning thanks to maintenance-friendly design

  • Compressed air purging of bearing seals prevents the product from reaching the bearings. Thanks to a large service door, the mixing chamber can be cleaned quickly and easily.

Sanimix Batch Mixer MRMA

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