Roto-spinning line RotoStar™

Roto-spinning line RotoStar™ – flexible moulding line for the production of filled and non-filled hollow figures.

- Best product quality

- High flexibility

- Gentle spinning technology

- Uniform article quality

Roto-spinning line RotoStar™

Bühler Bindler offers its RotoStar™ for the fully automatic production of filled as well as non-filled hollow figures. The line capacity allows up to 15 double mould pairs per minute with mould sizes of 580 mm and 620 mm. The RotoStar™ can also be applied for the manufacture of articles with decoration. Excellent product quality achieved in one figure forming process.
The RotoStarTM produces complete hollow figures in one figure forming process. Producing figures in a single process ensures good stability, thus resulting in a higher quality of the chocolate products.

Uniform wall thickness for a wide variety of filling masses.
Thanks to the superior wall thickness, hollow figures can be filled with a wide variety of fillings, including low-viscosity masses such as liqueur. Thus, the roto-spinning line offers high versatility in making a broad range of products.

Most modern technology for gentle product processing.
For forming hollow figures, two process steps are characteristic: The mass is first evenly distributed by the combined rotation/vibration process and then solidified in the roto-spinning cooler. This enables the double moulds to be safely and gently opened without damaging the articles.

Uniform article weight thanks to the precise deposit “one piston to one cavity”.
The center filling depositor of the RotoStarTM is characterized by its reliable “one piston to one cavity” concept, which allows accurate dosing of the filling mass into the hollow article. This guarantees a consistent article weight – for a constant product quality. 


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