Four- and Eight-Roller Mill Diorit MDDY / MDDZ -

Four- and Eight-Roller Mill Diorit MDDY / MDDZ - Best-in-class Roller Mill.

- Top sanitation
- First-class grinding performance
- High level of operational and personal safety
- Flexible configuration

Four- and Eight-Roller Mill Diorit MDDY / MDDZ

Best-in-class Roller Mill.

Bühler’s Diorit four- and eight-roller mill MDDY/MDDZ consistently and safely grinds wheat, maize/corn, rye, barley, spelt and other grains. Maximum sanitation is guaranteed through the use of stainless steel and other food-safe materials. In addition, with a broad array of configuration possibilities and optional features, grinding solutions can be individually tailored to specific requirements. First-class grinding performance
The sturdy, cast-iron machine frame provides an optimal base for high grinding performance in 24-hour continuous operation. The wide inlet and the variable speed of the feeding roll ensure even feeding across the entire length of the grinding roll, contributing to consistent product quality.

Top sanitation
All surfaces of the Diorit roller mill that come in contact with product are made of stainless steel or other food-safe materials. Lockable covers secure access to the machine and eliminate the risk of contamination. The patented, swing-out feed module ensures a fast and residue-free product discharge while also providing easy access for cleaning.

Easy operation and maintenance
The compact, powerful roll pack makes it possible to achieve high accuracy and stable grinding. The wear-resistant, low-maintenance and noiseless belt drive ensures quiet, reliable and continuous operation. The Roll Quick Pack allows both rolls to be quickly exchanged, reducing the duration of required maintenance and downtime.

Seamless monitoring for high operational safety
Accurate monitoring is essential for consistent and reliable roller mill operation. The Diorit roller mill provides integrated roll disengagement monitoring. This prevents the rolls from running against each other without product and overheating. The rear grinding roll speed is monitored to determine the correct functioning of the roll drive belt in continuous operation.

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