RoastMaster™60 – a new dimension in coffee flavor creation.

- Air recirculation for energy-efficient roasting
- New cutting-edge multistep process control via touchscreen
- Functional, safe, and durable machine design


The RoastMaster™60 offers a maximum of process flexibility with a single batch capacity of 60 kg and an hourly throughput up to 240 kg/h. It inspires product innovations with traditional and with more sophisticated multi-step roasting profiles. With its multistep process the RoastMaster™60 allows for optimized flavor creation for any coffee blend and varieties and ensures excellent consistency. Thanks to the fully automated process control the optimized degree of roast, the roasting time and the roasting profile can be precisely reproduced. Air recirculation for energy-efficient roasting
The RoastMaster™60 is available in open system or hot air recirculation version allowing for energy-efficient coffee roasting (up to 30 % energy savings compared to open systems). The optimized design of the roasting chamber assures a superior, efficient and homogeneous heat transfer from the hot air to the beans for the ultimate flavor quality. Optional water quenching stops the process precisely at the desired degree of roast.

New cutting-edge multistep process control via touchscreen

The user-friendly operating panel includes a Siemens PLC and a Windows panel PC with 12.5 inch touchscreen for full process automation and easy operation. Process parameters are managed by recipies. Online trend curves enable complete process monitoring.

Functional, safe, and durable machine design

High-quality materials and innovative features assure superior reliability and a long lifetime. The insulation material and the construction reduce heat losses to a minimum. A sophisticated safety system ensures a safe operation at all times. The roaster is equipped with an emergency water system.


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