Vertical Roaster RoaStar™

Vertical Roaster RoaStar™ – top-quality roasting at a high level.

- Low primary energy consumption
- Gentle treatment of the product
- Flexible application and expandable
- Space-saving

Vertical roaster RoaStar™

The tried and true Bühler vertical roaster ensures controlled roasting that is easy on the product and in which the temperature and retention time are perfectly matched. This enables raw materials such as cocoa beans and nuts to develop their optimal flavor, and they will always be roasted to the required degree. Specific settings allow processing of the entire range of cocoa varieties of the most diverse origins. Efficient and environmentally friendly thanks to trend-setting process.
  • The air is heated to about 150 degrees Celsius in a cutting-edge convection roasting process using saturated steam. The relatively low temperature level appreciably improves the energy efficiency in comparison to conventional high-temperature systems.
  • Heat exchangers designed for heat recovery allow a large part of the exhaust energy otherwise discharged to the atmosphere to be reutilized for the roasting process. Thanks to indirect heating by saturated steam, the roaster exhaust air remains free from sulfur and nitrogen oxides.
  • Heating by steam allows operation to be based on a biomass combustion system, which can be fueled by cocoa shells or other by-products.
  • The biomass combustion system allows CO2-neutral operation, since no fossil fuels are needed.
Best possible processing of cocoa beans, nuts and seeds.
  • The vertical product duct ensures extremely gentle treatment of foodstuff. The result of this advanced roasting process is top-class products.
  • During roasting, the material is conveyed solely by its own weight. This prevents fat from migrating from the kernel to the shell of the cocoa bean. Moreover, this rules out surface damage when processing nuts.

Flexible application thanks to modular design.

The modular design ensures a high level of flexibility in a wide variety of applications. Customized system modules for any required throughput capacity are available for the RoaStar™.

Space-saving thanks to vertical design.

The vertical configuration of the modules minimizes the footprint of the machine, allowing very economical utilization of the available space.


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