PreFiner S D™

PreFiner S D™ – fully automatic two-roll refiner with controlled gap setting.

- Controlled gap setting
- Optimal fineness and plasticity
- Top production efficiency
- Very easy maintenance and cleaning

PreFiner S D™ 900 / 1300 / 1800

This fully automatic two-roll refiner has been designed for mid-size to large production lines with a top level of automation. It allows a wide range of chocolate, filling, and coating masses to be pre-processed, with masses that must have a certain viscosity. The output product has a reproducible plasticity and a fineness ranging from 70 to 250 microns with a narrow particle size distribution. This Bühler prerefiner is available with three roll lengths: 900, 1300, and 1800 mm. Controlled gap setting for optimal product fineness.
The fineness and plasticity of the product can be selected during ongoing operation. The roller pressure control system allows raw product fluctuations to be balanced, resulting in a very consistent end product. This also improves the performance of the product discharged from the downstream five-roll refiners. The result: an optimal product fineness with minimal variations.

Flexible roller pressure for wide product range.
The broad range of possible pressure settings enables a wide variety of products to be processed. Top flexibility is thus guaranteed.

Maximum production efficiency thanks to optimal process design.
The process zone is optimally matched to the customer’s specific product recipes. Customized specification of the roller speeds, roller speed differentials, and roller crown enables maximum throughputs of up to 15 t/h to be achieved with the required product fineness. On this machine type, the capacity can be variable adjusted to the performance of the five roll refiners. The high shearing capacity releases a maximum amount of the bound fat while at the same time calibrating the crystallized sugar. This results in a homogeneous product and an efficient process.

New standard in hygienic design and efficiency.
The PreFiner S sets new standards in hygiene, accessibility and maintenance friendliness. A new hygienic concept with optimized spaces facilitates and accelerates cleaning. The optional stainless steel process zone increases the standard additionally.


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