POLYtwin™ – multi-function twin-screw extruder for a broad range of applications.

- Patented screw ejection unit
- Cutter with lateral movement
- Modular machine design
- Intelligent process control

High-Performance Extruder POLYtwin™

The twin-screw extruder POLYtwinTM completely fulfills process requirements such as high torque, screw speeds and pressure. Thanks to its modular design, this highly sophisticated machine is extremely flexible in application. It can be used to process breakfast cereals, food ingredients, petfood and fish feed for industrial fish farming optimally. Other customer-specific applications are also possible. State-of-the-art sanitation standards, excellent workmanship and an outstanding price-performance ratio make POLYtwinTM the ideal solution in the field of food and feed extrusion. High operational dependability thanks to a robust, fully automatic screw ejection unit. 
  • Thanks to an ejection unit developed and patented by Bühler, even strongly seized screws can be ejected – eliminating the need to disassemble the machine. 
  • With a touch of the corresponding touch-screen button, ejection of the pair of screws is carried out within a very short time. 
  • Thanks to this refined technology, the risk of damages to the screw elements is reduced to a minimum.

Optimized productivity thanks to a highly flexible cutter. 

  • The twin-screw extruder POLYtwinTM emphasizes flexibility – as in the case of the laterally movable cutter. 
  • Because the cutter can be adjusted during operation, a consistently high quality of the end product is guaranteed. Unwanted deformation is avoided. 
  • Changing the knife heads can also be done quickly and without interrupting production. In this way, production flow can be optimized. 

Modular design for variable use. 

  • The innovative design of the housing according to the "shell principle" offers special advantages: the housing excels through its mechanical stability, resistance to wear and highly efficient tempering. 
  • The relationship of housing length to screw diameter is 4 independent of model size. The modular process component can be easily adapted to higher capacities and different processes. 
  • The maintenance costs of the POLYtwinTM are minimized: The interior casing is extremely resistant to wear. If replacement is necessary, it can be easily changed. 

State-of-the-art technology for reliable process control. 

  • In order to guarantee an end product of consistent quality, the twin-screw extruder POLYtwinTM is equipped with an intelligent recipe memory. This offers two significant benefits: the susceptibility to process errors decreases, and production can be quickly adapted to other recipes. 
  • Predefined start-up and shut-down sequences optimize the starting and shutting down of the machine. Virtually no raw material is wasted, and the production process speeds up considerably. 
  • A intuitive touch-screen mounted directly on the machine provides additional advantages: it can be used to make fine adjustments, and the effects of the changed settings can be seen and understood immediately.


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