Polymatik™ – the optimal press for hygienic and flexible processing of various raw materials.

- A variety of semolina, flours, and gluten-free raw materials can be processed
- Fast recipe changes possible
- Top hygiene standards


Products processed using Polymatik™ presses are true stand-outs, with high color brilliance, outstanding cooking characteristics, and maximum efficiency in the production process. Thanks to the “first-in, first-out” principle, recipe changes are quick and the results meet the highest hygiene standards. The closed system enables reproducible recipes and minimizes cleaning time. The system’s high flexibility with regard to raw materials supports a large variety of products, while also reducing sensitivity to fluctuating raw material prices. With this proven system, up to 3,250 kg/h of dry pasta can be produced per press line.

A variety of semolina, flours, and gluten-free raw materials can be processed
The Polymatik™ pasta press is flexible and processes a wide variety of raw materials into high-quality pasta, including semolina and flours from durum or common wheat, corn or rice.

Fast recipe changes possible
The system can be stopped and started quickly at the press of a button, keeping downtimes for recipe changes and cleaning or maintenance to a minimum. Batches can be changed very quickly.

Top standards of hygiene thanks to the “first-in, first out” principle
Polymatik™ presses guarantee optimal hygiene during the production process – cleaning is not necessary in continuous operation. All components of the pasta press that can come into contact with the product meet strict hygiene standards.


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