Pneumatic Discharger MFPF

Pneumatic Discharger MFPF – for filling bulk vehicles at high capacity.

- Flawless sanitation
- Optimal discharging capacity
- Easy maintenance

Pneumatic Discharger MFPF

Bühler's pneumatic discharger MFPF is the optimal solution for the pneumatic discharging of bulk materials. This high-performance module enables flour, semolina, middlings and other products to be discharged into bulk vehicles at high throughput rates.

Flawless sanitation thanks to material fluidization.
Inside the pneumatic discharger MFPF, material is fluidized with air and thus loosened. The advantage this process offers is that it leads to complete emptying of the silo bins – for consistently excellent sanitation of both the silo and the discharger.

Material loosening for optimal discharging performance.
The air that is blown into the discharger through the porous aeration cone fluidizes the product. This loosening process enables optimal filling of the bulk vehicle at short filling times.

Modular design ensures easy maintenance.
The pneumatic discharger MFPF excels through its modular design, which makes the unit particularly easy to maintain. For example, the porous ventilation cone can be replaced quickly and easily as required.


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