Pellet Mill RWPR-900

Pellet Mill RWPR-900 - high-grade pellets - low operating costs

- High-grade pellets.
- Long service life.
- Low operating costs.

Pellet Mill RWPR-900

The Bühler RWPR-900 is a high-capacity pellet mill designed for the production of pellets from wood and other biomass materials:
  • The RWPR-900 pellet mill is capable of processing finely ground wood, straw, and other biomass particles into industrial or household pellets
  • It achieves maximum throughput rates as high as six metric tons per hour
High-grade pellets.
  • The integrated machine controller controls and monitors important process parameters such as the raw material moisture content or the temperature
  • Conditioning by water and steam activates the binders inherent in the raw material
  • Die designs specific to the raw material being processed optimize the quality and throughput capacity

Long service life.

  • Thanks to their special design, Bühler components – in particular wear parts such as dies and die rollers – achieve an above-average service life
  • Continuous control of the motor loading prevents overloading
  • An automatic greasing system ensures smooth running of the bearings

Low operating costs.

  • The pellet mill RWPR processes up to six metric tons of biomass per hour on a continuous and reliable basis.
  • All processes have been designed for maximum throughput capacity and minimized energy consumption.
  • The RWPR-900 is distinguished by its easy user guidance and its low maintenance and cleaning requirements.
  • Useful additional functions such as an auxiliary motor or an installation hoist simplify maintenance and reduce downtimes.