Kubex Pellet Mills

Kubex Pellet Mills – quality to rely on.

- High quality pellets
- Rugged construction
- Easy maintenance and high flexibility

Pellet Mill Kubex DPAS/DPAA

Bühler is a leading manufacturer of food processing and animal feed processing equipment. The Bühler Kubex pellet mills are specifically designed for the production of high quality animal feed pellets. The advantages of the pellet mills can also be leveraged in the flour milling and oil processing industries. Kubex pellet mills are available in versions with die diameters from 420 up to 900 mm and a motor power of up to 280 kW, ensuring high capacity production. Designed to provide high quality, adaptable pellet production.
  • The pellet mills can be used for hard-to-pelletize, high liquid addition or high fat content feed formulations. Low bulk density materials or those rich in crude fibre can also be pelletized with the Kubex pellet mills.
  • Long dwell time of the mash in the die holes for optimized pellet quality.
  • Customizable pellet production with diameters from 2 up to 12 mm.
  • Hot air can be induced into the pellet mill door to prevent condensation.

Rugged construction for long service life.
The Kubex pellet mills are made of stainless steel or rust-resistant materials. As a result, they resist corrosion and last longer in most pelleting operations.

Special features deliver easy maintenance and high flexibility.

  • The automatic lubricating system doses the ideal amount of grease to the roll and main bearings, ensuring a longer bearing lifetime. 
  • Depending on the application and the required die change method, a Standard, Robusta or Quick-Pack die clamping system – for fast and easy die change – can be applied.


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