Coolex – efficient cooling in the pelleting process.

- Low pellet moisture content variance
- Continuous product discharge
- Optimal hygiene and cleaning
- Low air consumption (10-16 m3 per min and t/h)
- Easy maintenance and reduced operating costs

Pellet cooler Coolex™

Efficient cooling in the pelleting process.

Efficient cooling of the hot pellets discharged from the pelleting process are the only way to obtain high-quality end products offering optimal hygiene. With its integral production processes using Coolex™ as an integrated cooling system component, Bühler supports feed manufacturers in increasing their product quality and hygiene while reducing their costs. Efficient cooling with throughput capacities up to 40 t/h
The innovative design of this system based on the countercurrent cooling principle, in conjunction with the conical product layer and the octagonal geometry, ensure continuous product discharge, uniform cooling, an optimal moisture content, and a consistently high pellet quality. With a specific air flow rate of merely 10 to 16 m3 per minute and metric ton, Coolex™ is also more energy-efficient than many conventional cooler designs. In addition to the current model with a throughput capacity of 40 t/h, additional Coolex™ versions are already in the planning stage.

Optimal moisture content for higher margins
Thanks to the uniform cooling action, the pellet moisture content variance is only about half the value of conventional cooler designs. This enables the product moisture content to be optimized by operating at the legal limits, which in turn allows the raw material requirement to be reduced and margins to be increased.

Continuous product discharge
A discharge gap that can be varied via air pads across a range of 0-50 mm ensures a continuous product flow. This enables throughput rates and retention (dwell) times to be optimally selected. At the same time, with a uniform discharge rate, it allows smaller downstream system components such as conveyors or pellet crumblers to be used. This diminishes the capital investment and operating costs for downstream systems or enables a higher throughput rate to be achieved with a smaller space requirement.

Optimal hygiene and cleaning
Coolex™ is the first pellet cooler to be equipped with several service doors and up to four integrated inspection windows. This greatly simplifies cleaning of the cooler and substantially reduces product deposits, decreasing the contamination risk and the risk of costly and image-impairing recall campaigns.

Maximum energy efficiency and reduced operating costs
Thanks to its smart design, Coolex™ needs much smaller fans. This reduces the energy consumption in comparison to other countercurrent coolers by as much as 10%. A low number of wear parts, elimination of the need for hydraulic components and wear-prone ball bearings on the discharge grid, plus durable and cost-effective air pads that can be exchanged in as little as 60 minutes all minimize downtimes and ensure reliable, low-maintenance service.


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