NIR Multi Online Analyzer MYRG

NIR Multi Online Analyzer MYRG – 1 spectrometer for up to 6 measuring points.

- Online testing of moisture, protein, and ash contents of raw material and final products
- Consistent product quality
- Traceability thanks to complete documentation
- Smart control of protein, moisture, and ash

NIR Multi Online Analyzer MYRG

Real-time analysis of the raw material and end products at different measuring points, allowing smart and continuous control of ongoing production – this is the true strength of the NIR Multi Online Analyzer MYRG. With the latest Bühler NIR generation, one spectrometer evaluates up to 6 different measuring points. 1 spectrometer for up to 6 measuring points
The compact sensors are excellently suited for the retrofitting of existing plants. Only the sensor is located in the production environment. The control cabinet provides ideal protection of the optical and electronic components.

Consistent product quality
The measurement system guarantees precise monitoring in real time thanks to NIR spectroscopy. Product data is available in real time. Immediate corrective measures can be undertaken during the ongoing production process.

Reduced costs with NIR-DA Online Measurement
The MYRG supplies decisive information for smart control of the gluten, moisture, or ash contents.

Calibration and services that will convince you
The scope of supply of the MYRG includes pre-calibrated applications either for flour, semolina, or whole grain, depending on the specific application. A competent and locally available service organization
will assure the quality of hardware and calibrations.

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