Mixing Technology

Mixing Technology - Powerful and innovative solutions.

- Column mixers for small to mid-size batches 
- Plant mixers for line production 
- ContiMixer for automated, continuous production

Mixing Technology

In all application ranges for wet grinding and dispersion, the result of the entire process is dependent on the quality of the pre-treatment, i.e., mixing and pre-dispersion of the raw materials. Bühler can supply the suitable solution – from individual mixing units through to complete production plants. Column mixers for small to mid-size batches
Bühler offers different column mixers dependent on application and product viscosity: High speed dissolvers for per-dispersion, butterfly mixers for high viscosity products and twin-shaft mixers for combined mixing and pre-dispersing.

Plant mixers for production lines
For large-scale production plants, solid and liquid components are automatically dosed into the mixing tank. The raw materials are then pre-dispersed under high energy input in the mixing tank and subsequently pumped into a holding tank. After final dispersion by means of agitated media mill or three-roll mill, the final product is fed into storage tanks.


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