Micro-Feeder MZMA

Micro-Feeder MZMA - optimal feed of non-freeflowing products.

- Accurate material feed rate
- Reliable operation, long service life
- Excellent sanitation

Micro-Feeder MZMA

Accurate material feed is enormously important in the processing industries, but it is not always easy to achieve. The micro-feeder MZMA for freeflowing and non-freeflowing materials fully satisfies this requirement. Designed especially for mealy, floury, and granular materials, the micro-feeder is excellently suited for handling flours, starch, and vitamin premixes beside other products. The enormous capacity of this machine allows throughput rates ranging from 200 to 3500 liters per hour. Special drive and whirling element for perfect material feed.
  • The machine’s special frequency-converter-controlled drive enables the material feed rate to be accurately selected with superior ease. 
  • The mixing hopper incorporates whirling elements with a special geometry. They loosen the product and ensure a constant rate of material feed to the feed screw.

Rugged design for minimal maintenance.

  • The rugged machine design ensures maximum wear resistance. Most machine elements are maintenance-free. 
  • The special quality features of the feed screw include maintenance-free bearings. The components are very durable and achieve a long service life.

Optimized design for outstanding sanitation.

  • The micro-feeder is dust-tight: No dirt can escape from the machine – and its surroundings thus remain clean.
  • The absence of nooks and crannies is a particular advantage in product changes: The micro-feeder MZMA retains only a minimum amount of residues. The reduced cleaning requirement speeds up process changes.