Micro-Feeder / Micro-Differential Proportioning Scale MZMC/MSDC

Micro-Feeder / Micro-Differential Proportioning Scale MZMC/MSDC – accurate material feed with high sanitation.

- Accurate proportioning
- Excellent sanitation
- High flexibility
- Wide throughput capacity range

Micro-Feeder / Micro-Differential Proportioning Scale MZMC/MSDC

The micro-feeder MZMC is a module designed for high-precision volumetric proportioning of micro-ingredients such as vitamins, ascorbic acid, or dry gluten. Its throughput rate can be selected across a very wide range. For accurate control of the gravimetric addition of micro-ingredients in a continuous product stream, Bühler offers its micro-differential proportioning scale MSDC. Operating in the batch mode, this differential-weight scale based on the “single-screw” principle weighs small batches defined by the product recipe. The module combination MZMC/MSDC achieves a throughput capacity ranging from 0.75 l/h up to 240 l/h. High-precision proportioning thanks to high-grade design.
  • The geometry of the differential-weight scale has been optimized for the proportioning process. This ensures a high proportioning consistency.
  • High-grade load cells ensure maximum proportioning accuracy.
  • The sturdy fastening system of the load cell guarantees a stable and thus reliable weighing cycle.
  • The proportioning process can be controlled by the universal controller MEAG with its intelligent weighing algorithms – for maximum accuracy.

Minimal dust zones thanks to optimized design.
Thanks to the optimized design of all components in contact with the product, dust zones are essentially prevented. For fast and easy cleaning, the machine elements can be easily removed.

Modular design for maximum flexibility of application.

  • The modular design allows the micro-feeder to be converted into a proportioning scale within a short time.
  • The screw offers configurations for a wide variety of applications. This allows flexible adjustment to the specific application.

Maximum throughput range thanks to frequency-converter-controlled drive.

  • A frequency-converter-controlled drive ensures that the maximum throughput capacity range is utilized at all times.
  • Thanks to the modular design, the system can be rapidly adjusted to the throughput range in question.


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