Universal Grist Mill Maltomat™ III MDBA

Universal Grist Mill Maltomat™ III MDBA – Perfect grinding and maximum brewhouse yield.

- Optimal lautering
- Versatile in use
- Easy operation
- High safety standards

Universal Grist Mill Maltomat™ III MDBA

The universal grist mill Maltomat™ III is the latest innovation by Bühler: A highly modern grinding system for malt and unmalted grain with maximum yield, optimum husk volume and high throughput. Optimal lautering
The proven „grinding-grinding-sifting-grinding“ principle results in an ideal separation of endosperm and husks, and thus enables an optimum husk volume.

Versatile in use
The powerful roll pack is suitable for all kinds of malt and unmalted grain. For a quick and reliable quality control, the grist mill is equipped with several samplers after every passage. The modular design makes it possible to be flexible in terms of number and length of the grinding passages so that the machine is thereby suitable for every brewery and distillery.

Easy operation
The adjustment of all machine functions is carried out with the PLC via a simple Profibus connector. Each grinding and feeder gap can be adjusted directly or changed automatically according to the recipe. The recipes are easy to retrieve, allowing a fast machine change- over.

High safety standards
The pressure-shock-resistant housing and the pressure relief with flame quench stand for an effective explosion protection. Furthermore, the product-accumulation sensor prevents the machine from choking and ensures an efficient operation. An integrated magnet protects the machine against foreign objects made of metal.

Video Maltomat™ III for craft breweries

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Video Maltomat™ III MDBA

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