Malt Grist Mill LEFA

Malt Grist Mill LEFA - for small and pub breweries

- High yield
- Easy operation
- Rugged machine
- Stainless steel design

Stainless Steel Malt Grist Mill LEFA.

The 4-roller grist mill from Bühler is designed to grind malt and raw grains into an excellent grist composition in two stages. This process significantly improves the lauter separation and substantially increases the yield compared to a 2-roller mill. The LEFA’s compact design and minimum maintenance allow for maximum machine operability.

Additional products can also be processed, including barley, wheat, maize grits, broken rice and spices. The LEFA malt grist mill is especially suited for operation in small breweries that wish to utilize the advantages of the 4-roller mill.

Easy operation for optimal grinding result
  • The grinding gap can be individually and quickly adjusted, with a convenient indication of the current grinding gap.
  • Optimal product feed by means of precise feeding gap adjustment.

High operational reliability

  • Equiped with a permanent magnet in the feed gate for retaining metallic objects.
  • The roll pack is spring-loaded to allow the grinding gap to be expanded.

LEFA Technical Data

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