Malt Conditioner Condimat™ BBFB

Malt Conditioner Condimat™ BBFB – uniform malt conditioning for ideal preparation prior grinding.

- Optimal conditioning for best grinding results
- High sanitation standard
- Maximum process and operating reliability

Malt Conditioner Condimat™ BBFB

The malt conditioner Condimat™ BBFB provides through uniform dampening an optimal preparation of malt kernels prior to grinding. The sophisticated Bühler module thus plays a key role in the success of the brewing process. Perfectly control of conditioning – ideal production process. 
  • The precise flow meter guarantees accurate and consistently dependable water metering – the prerequisite for uniform dampening of malt and therefore excellent grinding results. 
  • Through conditioning, husks and germs remain more elastic and retain their shape during grinding. This helps to optimize subsequent process steps.

Self-cleaning feature saves time.

  • The CondimatTM is made of premium stainless steel. This eliminates the possibility of malt contamination. 
  • The special construction and mode of operation of the rotor give it a high self-cleaning effect. This minimizes the amount of time spent on sanitation and maintenance.

Maximum process and operating reliability thanks to intelligent design.

  • The malt conditioner CondimatTM BBFB comes equipped with an interlocking inspection cover – for the protection of operating staff. 
  • A built-in material backup detector ensures a high level of machine and process reliability. 
  • The CondimatTM is equipped with an integrated sampling device. This makes quality control easy and convenient.


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