Low-Pressure Filter MVTA

Low-Pressure Filter MVTA

- Clean air
- Dust-free operation
- Maximum safety
- Low building volume

Low-Pressure Filter MVTA

The Low-Pressure Filter MVTA efficiently separates dust particles from a dust-and-air mixture. The different sizes allow the filters to be optimally operated with air volumes in the range of 54 to 624 m3 / min. Thanks to the selectable placement of the air inlet in the lower or upper filter housing section, a longer service life of the filter bags is achieved. Flexibility through a modular design
  • Filters of all sizes, as well as filter elements with a wide range of outlet hoppers and supports, are available.
  • Filters can be used as aspiration or bin-top filters.

Dust-free air thanks to optimal filtering performance

  • These efficient filters excel by simultaneously combining a high degree of dust separation with low purge air consumption.
  • Optimal streamlining of purge air paths.

High purging power – clean filters

  • A highly effective electronic-pneumatic purging system guarantees effective cleaning of the filter bags.
  • Bag cleaning by oil- and condensate-free low-pressure purge air of 0.5 bar.


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