Liquids Scale MSBF

Liquids Scale MSBF – precise solutions for material handling.

- High proportioning accuracy
- Excellent sanitation
- Increased throughput
- Flexible installation possibilities

Liquids Scale MSBF

The liquids scale MSBF is employed for the weighing and preparation of liquids such as hot water, dampening water and chilled water as well as brine and yeast solution. It is applied in industrial bakeries, biscuit factories and premix plants. High proportioning accuracy for consistent end products.
The outstanding proportioning accuracy of recipe components guarantees consistent doughs and high recipe reproducibility: The liquids tank is positioned on load cells, and individual amounts of liquid can be controlled precisely. High proportioning accuracy and, thus, consistency in the kneader is achieved thanks to the sturdy, proven design as well as to the precise control of the closed control loop.

Excellent sanitation in virtually maintenance-free operation.
The virtually maintenance-free liquids scale MSBF offers outstanding sanitation:
  • The easy-opening cover allows for quick access to the tank, making cleaning significantly more convenient. 
  •  All parts in contact with the product are made of stainless steel.

Increased throughput via fast blending.
Since control of the liquids does not require a flow meter, accurate amounts of the different liquids can already be blended parallel to the kneading. The generous dimensions of the liquids scale MSBF's outlet valve group allows for a fast discharge of the tank. This saves time for renewed preparation of the kneader – throughputs increase.

Flexible installation possibilities for easy retrofitting.
The cleverly devised design of the support frame is suitable for installation in numerous settings, making installation or retrofitting in existing plants considerably easier.