UCS series of ultrasonic cleaning machines

UCS series of ultrasonic cleaning machines –Best cleaning results through ultrasonic cleaning

- Flexible and customizable system
- Easy handling
- Compact design


(160 … 760 pairs/8 h)

Bühler Leybold Optics’ UCS series provides the best cleaning results by means of ultrasonic cleaning technology. In combination with their incorporated quality control system these machines are more than able to fulfill every aspect of the ophthalmic optics industry’s demanding requirements. At the cutting edge of technology, these high quality systems are tailored to individual volume needs and investment levels thus making them a perfect match for any pre-AR coating preparation and pre-spin hard-coating requirement. Customizable system providing application flexibility
  • The UCS series is available in various models, from LEYBOLD OPTICS UCS 40 to LEYBOLD OPTICS UCS 150 and is produced in four different sizes. Productivity ranges from 40 lenses per hour, up to as many as 180 lenses per hour. 
  • Common to every machine is onboard water purification to maintain cleaning of the substrates at a consistently high quality. However, dependent on the machine size, there are many more options available, such as a capillary dry lift-out at the final rinsing stage, an infrared dryer or a Class 100 enclosure.

Easy handling and operation

  • Every UCS ultrasonic cleaning machine has outstanding production capabilities as it is based on simple, automated and effective processes that allow a simple, single push-button design. 
  • Larger machines contribute to their ease of operation with features like automatic liquid control, multi-process memory and digital temperature displays.

Compact design for a small footprint
Bühler Leybold Optics’ UCS series is recognized for its compact design. Requiring only a minimum area of floor space, UCS machines can easily be used in small labs with low batch sizes, yet they are also suited to large facilities with a high-volume production throughput. However, even with its compact design, clear accessibility to the machine’s key components has been retained.