LEYBOLD OPTICS GLC series H glass vacuum coaters

LEYBOLD OPTICS GLC series H glass vacuum coaters –Flexible solution dedicated to high-performance industrial production

- Low operating costs
- High process quality
- Optimized design


The LEYBOLD OPTICS GLC series H is a horizontal inline sputter-coating tool specifically designed for the needs of architectural glass coating. With its unique compartment design, LEYBOLD OPTICS GLC series H is ideally suited for challenging layer stacks and flexible product mixes. Typical coatings include solar control, anti-reflection, single, double and triple low emissivity (low-e) as well as solar control coatings. The LEYBOLD OPTICS GLC series H is available for standard US and Jumbo substrate sizes and can be configured to coat on glasses of sizes up to 3,3 m * 15,6 m. Advanced technology ensures low production costs
  • The advanced gap control allows for maximum utilization and economical use of target material, keeping production costs low.
  • Full size double planar cathodes either double the campaign time for a given target material or offer the flexibility of a second material.

Unique gas flow for high process quality

  • The unique process gas flow management results in high reactive sputtering rates with lowest target oxidation and reduced process-gas consumption.
  • An active gas-separation function guarantees effective gas-separation factors, even with small footprints.
  • The optimized design allows for a reduction of the TMP power during the process which directly leads to energy savings.

Intelligent solutions for an optimized design

  • The optimized design of the 850-mm compartment ensures a stable process and excellent gas separation.
  • The top-pumping cathode design reduces the overall length of the coater.