LEYBOLD OPTICS GLC 2000V  glass vacuum coater

LEYBOLD OPTICS GLC 2000V glass vacuum coater –Vertical sputtering tool for the most demanding applications

- Versatile application
- Highest flexibility and reliability
- Excellent heating uniformity
- Optimized serviceability


LEYBOLD OPTICS GLC 2000V is the sputtering tool for high precision demands. It offers the combination of large substrate sizes and wide temperature ranges with a standard coating uniformity of +/- 1.5%. Typical coatings include low emissivity (low-e), solar control, AR, anti-reflection, high-reflection and transparent conductive oxide coatings, as well as exotic target materials. Versatile application possibilities due to a wide temperature range
  • A wide temperature range supports a versatile product palette for sophisticated applications.
  • The LEYBOLD OPTICS GLC 2000V is a prerequisite for challenging layer stacks as well as for exotic sputter materials.

Intelligent design and software for highest flexibility and reliability

  • The compartment structure allows flexibility in positioning the cathodes within the LEYBOLD OPTICS GLC 2000V system.
  • Advanced software delivers high uptime regardless of complex transport demands.

Excellent heating uniformity thanks to optimized heating zones
Heating uniformity is absolutely essential for the production of high-performance transparent conductive oxide (TCO) layers. Even at substrate temperatures of up to 350 °C LEYBOLD OPTICS GLC 2000V offers excellent temperature distribution properties thanks to multiple customizable heating zones.

Excellent serviceability thanks to cathode lid design
The unique cathode design allows for excellent accessibility and easy maintenance, ensuring that downtime for the LEYBOLD OPTICS GLC 2000V is kept to a minimum.