LEYBOLD OPTICS FLC flexible electronics vacuum coater

LEYBOLD OPTICS FLC flexible electronics vacuum coater –High-vacuum sputter roll-to-roll coating for production and R&D

- Outstandingly productive, versatile and flexible system
- Consistently brilliant end product quality
- Easy maintenance and high uptimes
- Compact design


The LEYBOLD OPTICS FLC 650 is a high-vacuum sputter roll-to-roll coating system for production and R&D purposes. In a production environment the machine with its maximum coating width of 650 mm, maximum substrate roll diameter of 500 mm and a winding speed between 0.1 and 25.0 m/min provides outstanding productivity. Additionally its almost unlimited possibilities to arrange the up to six rotatable magnetrons with metal or dielectric target materials, and its capability to apply a huge variety of in-situ measurement sensors, enables the LEYBOLD OPTICS FLC 650 to address a wide range of optical and flexible electronics applications. For applications such as ITO films, flexible printed circuit boards (FPCB), low emissivity (low-e) or smart glass, the machine is the perfect choice. Outstanding productivity thanks to a highly versatile and flexible system
  • The high productivity of the LEYBOLD OPTICS FLC 650 results directly from its having up to six high-rate rotatable magnetrons, a maximum coating width of 650 mm and a possible substrate roll diameter of 500 mm.
  • The magnetrons, mounted on a movable chamber flange, in combination with the optional gas separation between neighboring process sections, makes the LEYBOLD OPTICS FLC 650 system very versatile and able to deposit a huge variety of conceivable layer stacks in one pass.
  • In addition to the ability to run reactive next to non-reactive sputter processes, the LEYBOLD OPTICS FLC 650 can be equipped with various in-situ sensors.

Consistently brilliant end product quality thanks to intelligent machine concept

  • The “sputter up” orientation of the magnetrons and the rotatable cathodes themselves ensure the lowest possible particle generation, which in return results in perfect layer properties. 
  • The closed-loop tension control (25 … 600 N) in combination with the various winding system options and roller surface refinements guarantee a scratch- and wrinkle-free winding of the respective substrate. If needed, the optional plasma pre-treatment assures a perfect layer adhesion, while the temperature-controlled coating drum (-15 … +80 °C) keeps the substrate in perfect condition during the deposition process.
  • Finally, the available in-situ sensors allow continuous and accurate monitoring of the desired physical layer properties, such as layer resistivity, reflectance or transmittance.

Easy maintenance and high machine uptimes thanks to a smart and robust design

  • The robust and smart design of the LEYBOLD OPTICS FLC 650 keeps maintenance to a minimum, with all serviceable parts easily accessible and simple to maintain, ensuring a high machine uptime.
  • The likelihood of particle generation is reduced to a minimum by the easy and outstanding accessibility of the machine for cleaning and maintenance purposes.
  • Key components such as the magnetrons, power supplies and the vacuum pump set are designed for continuous three-shift machine operation. These features enable the system to handle production volumes from several hundred thousand up to some million square meters of substrate a year, depending on the layer stack and properties.

Minimum floor space requirements thanks to compact design
The LEYBOLD OPTICS FLC 650 all-in-one chamber design makes it very compact and easy-to-handle, which allows a fast and uncomplicated installation or relocation. The system occupies only a minimum of facility floor space (approx. 70 m² in total).