LEYBOLD OPTICS CAP series of flexible electronics vacuum coaters

LEYBOLD OPTICS CAP series of flexible electronics vacuum coaters – A flexible system for film capacitor mass production

- High productivity
- High flexibility
- Improved quality control
- High product quality and accuracy


The LEYBOLD OPTICS CAP series is an innovative solution and the reference machine in the capacitor film metalizing market. The roll-to-roll vacuum metalizing system is designed with the future in mind and to meet the demanding requirements of an unlimited range of metalized films for capacitors. From standard to high-end applications, from thick to thin films, from plain to segmented designs, from thick to thin layers, from pure layers to layer stacks, every conceivable combination can be realized in one system. Flexibility is the key to success. The LEYBOLD OPTICS CAP series is available in two different sizes, 650 and 900. High productivity granted by the revolutionary SuperBias system
SuperBias is a revolutionary system that consists of an electron-beam gun and two plasma cathodes. The substrate is charged by the electron-beam gun prior to the coating process, with the aim of reaching maximum adhesion of the substrate on the cooled process drum and of transferring the thermal load efficiently. After completion of the coating process, the substrate is neutralized via a plasma cathode treatment. With this technology, the maximum peak temperature of the substrates is lower in comparison to conventional systems and hence allows comparable processes to run at faster speeds.

High flexibility based on flash evaporation-
The development of a new free margin oil evaporator, based on a process called “flash evaporation”, is another ground-breaking innovation. This patented invention by Bühler Leybold Optics provides numerous advantages such as higher productivity, efficiency and flexibility of the system, improved quality of the products, reduced costs and operator convenience. Moreover, it has been demonstrated under production conditions that through the precise control of the evaporation rate, the oil evaporator is also suited for products which until now had to be manufactured by use of complex and expensive masking tape.

Improved quality control thanks to ISS technology-
Bühler Leybold Optics´ proprietary ISS technology provides maximum control over process results and hence guarantees product quality with unprecedented efficiency. The sensor measures complete layer cross-profiles in real-time with a high clock rate, even at maximum process speeds and across the entire range of applications. ISS is the unrivaled reference technology in high-speed roll-to-roll, 100% in-situ, quality control.

Pattern printing system for high product quality and accuracy-
The pattern printing system is used to produce specially segmented non-metalized structures on the substrates. An oil evaporator, as well as an anilox and a flexo roller, are integral parts of the system. The structure of the sleeve is tailored to the different products. Using a printing system based on thin-sleeve flexography, structures with an accuracy of 1/100 mm and sharp transitions can be produced.