LAB coating labs

LAB coating labs –The best choice for anti-reflection equipment

- Immediate start-up
- Application flexibility
- Growth potential


(20 … 950 pairs/8 h)

Designed around the centerpiece of Bühler Leybold Optics’ anti-reflection coating systems, the LAB ophthalmic optics labs are complete but customized turnkey solutions. The concept is tailored to the needs of smaller labs interested in improving their services and becoming more competitive, with only moderate initial investment in systems such as the LEYBOLD OPTICS MCS to SYRUS coating platforms and from LEYBOLD OPTICS UCS series to LEYBOLD OPTICS CHC series cleaning and hard-coating devices. The highly acclaimed modular machine philosophy also allows customers to expand their labs as their business grows. Complete system for immediate start-up
  • The LAB ophthalmic optics labs provide all elements necessary for an immediate launch into the coating process. 
  • Machines with different capabilities are available in various sizes, providing a perfect match for each configuration. 
  • Corresponding quality measurement tools, including training by our experienced personnel, if required, can also be part of the package to ensure a smooth and rapid ramp-up into production.

Various lab sizes provide application flexibility

  • A variety of different lab sizes are available, providing great flexibility when it comes to choosing the right-sized footprints and machines for individual applications.
  • The range of Bühler Leybold Optics’ LAB ophthalmic optics labs includes any combination of equipment to create smaller solutions for the production of 30 to 40 lens pairs and larger solutions to produce up to thousands of lens pairs per day.
  • Spin coating is commonly used for low- to mid-volume configurations within our MICRO LAB and MINI LAB solutions, whereas the application of the hardcoating lacquer using our high-volume
    EASY LAB solution can also be made by dip coating.


Growing as business grows thanks to modular design
Bühler Leybold Optics offers customized equipment for every project, supplying machines according to customers’ requirements and to match actual production needs or a certain scale of investment.
All vacuum coaters installed within the ophthalmic lab can be upgraded at any future time. This places our customers in the best position to meet changing market demands – be it increases in production