Impact machine Matador MJZH

Impact machine Matador MJZH – for Destruction of insects and their eggs.

- Maximum throughput capacity and process reliability
- Simplified plant engineering
- Wide range of throughput capacities
- Reduced operating costs

Impact machine Matador MJZH

The impact machine Matador is an entirely new impact machine designed for mechanical destruction of insects and their eggs in flour or semolina. Thanks to the machine’s particularly effective cross-current principle more than 99,5 % of all insects and their eggs contained in the flour will be destroyed with absolute dependability. Maximum throughput capacity and process reliability.
  • Mortality rate of at least 99,5%
  • Throughput capacity 1 ... 45 t/h

Simplified plant engineering.

  • Application in gravity spouting or in a pneumatic pressure line, up to an overpressure of 1 bar
  • Ceiling suspension of the small machine sizes available
  • Flexible in the direction of product flow

Wide range of throughput capacities.

  • Matador comes in five closely graduated sizes – with throughput capacities ranging from 1 to 45 t/h.

Reduced operating costs.

In comparison to similar market solutions, the energy input of the impact machine Matador is reduced and thus cuts operating costs as a function of the specific design version.

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