Hull Separator SMA 203-3 OL

Hull Separator SMA 203-3 OL – The specialist for efficient hull aspiration.

- Excellent separation results
- High throughput rates
- High operating reliability and availability
- Improved operability and easy maintenance

Hull Separator SMA 203-3 OL

The hull separator SMS 203-03 OL convinces with efficiency, strong performance and robustness: It ensures optimal separation of oilseed kernels from their hulls while achieving high throughputs. Thanks to an easily adjustable aspiration device and good screen accessibility , operation and maintenance have been greatly simplified. The hull separator SMA 203-3 OL is mainly used for sunflower seeds and soya beans. Large screen area for maximum throughput
  • Two layers of circularly moved, exchangeable screens divided into three elements make up a large screen area of 12 m2 in total and thus lay the foundation for excellent separation results.

Best possible sorting results through high-performance aspiration

  • The aspiration device sets itself apart with height-adjustable suction nozzles and an adjustable aspiration channel width for precise air flow control. The combination of high-performance sifting and aspiration devices allows for optimum separation of seeds from their hulls. This results in a very low percentage of remaining hulls in the final product, amounting to a maximum of 12%.

Reliable construction with the best possible sanitation

  • The use of proven technologies guarantees high operating reliability of the hull separator.
  • Thanks to adjustable product feeding, the input product is optimally distributed on the screen.
  • The robust, sanitation-friendly perforated steel-framed screens are kept clean with a rubber ball cleaning system and thus ensure reliable operation.
  • The continuous cleaning of the screen box bottoms prevents sticking and accumulation of the product.

Minimal downtime thanks to easy maintenance

  • Large front doors enable easy and fast access to the key components of the machine.
  • The screens are divided into three elements, each having a depth of just one meter . This minimizes the space required during maintenance.


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