Vertica™ Hammer Mill

Vertica™ Hammer Mill - no external aspiration.

- Up to 30 % energy saving
- Reinforced sieves and tempered beaters
- Low investment costs
- Shock-proof design
- Optical spark detection

Vertica™ Hammer Mill

The vertical hammer mill Vertica is suitable for use in breweries and distilleries, with all common mash filter systems for barley, malt, wheat, rye, sorghum, rice, maize and maize grits. Low energy requirement

Thanks to the closed milling chamber no aspiration is required for the grinding process. In comparison with standard horizontal hammer mills, there is energy saving of at least 30 percent.

Simple maintenance and long service life

There is simple access to sieves and beaters thanks to the cone, which can be lowered automatically, as well as the quick changing of inserted or screwed in wearing par ts, resulting in minimal operational interruptions. Maintenance requirements are reduced by reinforced sieves with up to four times the service life and tempered beaters with up to double the service life.

Low investment costs

Compared to other hammer mills, Vertica is a system with low investment, low maintenance costs and high performance.

Shock-proof design

The rotor braking, following the counter-current principle, brings the rotor to a halt immediately. This ensures maximum reliability and less downtime. The shock-proof cone locking as well as the two-hand safety switch prevent improper operation of the cone. Temperature and vibration monitoring (optional) offer additional safety.

Optical Spark detection

The outlet, with optical detection of sparks, a bursting disk as well as a blow-through airlock as a decoupling element, meets the explosion protection requirements for breweries and distilleries.