Hammer Mill Vertica DFZK

Hammer Mill Vertica DFZK – high efficiency, easy to operate and top safety.

- High efficiency
- Flexible operation
- Low maintenance
- Top safety

Hammer Mill Vertica DFZK (FB)

Bühler is a leading manufacturer of food processing and animal feed processing equipment. The Bühler hammer mill Vertica DFZK is primarily applied in the feed manufacturing industry for post- and pre-grinding operations. It is also suited for size reduction applications in the flour milling, oil milling and other food processing industries as well as for biomass. Requiring no aspiration air for the grinding process, the hammer mill guarantees low investment and operating costs. Powerful performance delivers efficient, high capacity grinding.
  • High capacity grinding with powerful motor of up to 110 kW.
  • Up to 25 % less energy consumption compared to horizontal hammer mill design.
  • Moisture loss of ground product down to nearly zero. 
  • About 50 % reduction of noise emissions in comparison with horizontal hammer mills.

Flexible operation with short production change times.

  • Easy access to the machine and simple sieve and hammer changes minimize downtime. 
  • Rotor braking using the counter-current principle stops the rotor instantly.

Low maintenance through optimized design and features.

  • High-grade materials and the optimized grinding chamber design reduce wear and maintenance.
  • Machine protection through integrated gravity separator and ferrous matter separator in the feeding unit.
  • Easy to exchange wear parts, simply fastened by bolts. 
  • Easy accessible grinding chamber allows convenient and thorough cleaning.

Designed to provide explosion protection and top safety.

  • All hazardous operations are provided with multiple protection, ensuring maximum safety for operators.