Hammer Mill Granulex™ DFZP

Hammer Mill Granulex™ DFZP – for high-capacity grinding.

- High-capacity grinding
- Easy maintenance
- Large screen area
- Excellent sanitation

Hammer Mill Granulex™ DFZP

Bühler is a leading manufacturer of food processing and animal feed processing equipment. Bühler's Hammer Mill Granulex™ DFZP is designed for high-capacity grinding and is employed primarily for post- and pregrinding operations in the feed milling industries. It is also utilized for size-reduction processes in the biomass, oil milling and other food processing industries. The horizontal Hammer Mill Granulex™ DFZP is capable of processing a wide range of raw materials in both coarse and fine grinding applications.

Powerful motor for top-quality, high-capacity grinding.

  • Thanks to the power of the hammer mill's 400 kW motor, grinding capacities of up to 75 tons/hour are attainable.
  • The high hammer tip speed of 118 m/s results in superior particle granulation in fine grinding applications, such as aquafeed, petfood and co-firing applications.

Easy maintenance thanks to intelligent design.

  • Double guided sliding doors on both sides provide particularly user-friendly access to the grinding chamber.
  • The screen-clamping mechanism enables fast and easy screen changes.
  • Short hammer bars and special rotor-braking and hammer change devices make it possible for all 276 hammers (fine grinding) to be changed by a single person in less than 30 minutes.

Large screen area for the most efficient product discharge.

  • The large screen area of 4 m2 improves discharge of ground material out of the grinding chamber, reducing the load of the hammer mill. This results in less wear of the screen and hammers.

Hygienic design allows for excellent sanitation.

  • The closed machine housing prevents dust accumulation in the motor block.
  • Smooth surfaces reduce dust settlements to a minimum and make cleaning easier.