Frisse™ ELK S

Frisse™ ELK S – attractively priced, efficient all-round conche.

- Short conching cycles and cocoa butter savings
- High energy efficiency and availability
- Excellent hygienic design

Frisse™ ELK S

The Frisse™ ELK S is the attractively priced introduction to flexible conching. With this single-shaft conche, the geometry of the conching tools plays a decisive role in the process design. The patented ELK blade is a three-dimensional, irregularly curved surface with a parallel clearance to the vessel wall. This tool is decisive for the conching process, which includes the following processes: mixing, drying, plasticizing, aroma formation and liquefying. Short conching cycles and cocoa butter savings
Thanks to the coupling of process control, ventilation, precise temperature control, power input and the rotation direction of the conching shaft, the ELK conching process can be flexibly adjusted to the requirements of the product being manufactured. This allows all phases of the product structure change during conching – from the rolled material to the fluid final product – to be realized efficiently. The result is short process times with cocoa butter savings.

High energy efficiency and availability
The elimination of the belt drive that had been used until now has increased the energy efficiency of the Frisse™ ELK S. Furthermore, the fact that a belt is no longer used also minimizes the maintenance requirement and increases machine availability.

Excellent hygienic design
A separate switch cabinet and the new drive concept improve the accessibility of the machine. This makes cleaning the conche and surroundings easier. Tilting the machine and using a Frisse™ FIP pump allows the process chamber to be almost completely emptied. This and the reduction in bolt connections accelerate the cleaning of the machine and reduce production downtime.


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