Fluid Bed OLHA

Fluid Bed OLHA – efficient soybean hot dehulling.

- Controlled popping of soybean hulls
- Durable, economical design
- Easy operation and maintenance

Fluid Bed OLHA

As a manufacturer of food processing machinery, Bühler is also a leading supplier of oilseed processing equipment used in oilseed preparation and handling. Bühler's fluid bed is applied in the oilseed processing industry during the second stage of the soybean hot dehulling process. Following conditioning, the fluid bed is designed to pop soybean hulls and to reduce the moisture of soybeans for efficient oil extraction. Controlled popping for best high-protein results.
During soybean hull popping, the fluid bed's built-in conveying system simultaneously controls kernel heat exposure for best high-protein results and transfers the processed product to the discharge airlock.

Durable and economical.
The fluid bed's rugged steel frame, air inlet channel and product chamber as well as its stainless steel aspiration hoods guarantee long service life. Full thermal insulation cuts down on heat loss and reduces operating costs.

Simple to operate, easy to maintain.

  • The simple, straightforward design of the fluid bed OLHA results in easy start-up and trouble-free operation at per unit throughput capacities of up to 2000 metric tons of soybeans per 24 hours. 
  • The unit's large access doors make servicing fast and easy.


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