Flaking Mill OLFB

Flaking Mill OLFB - For next-generation, high-performance flaking.

- High efficiency
- Increased plant up-time
- Economical design
- Easy maintenance – safe operation

Flaking Mill OLFB

As a manufacturer of food processing machinery, Bühler is also a leading supplier of oilseed processing equipment used in oilseed preparation and handling. Bühler's high-performance flaking mill OLFB is employed in the oilseed processing industry for the flaking of cracked soy beans and soft oil seeds such as sunflower, canola and corn germ. Proper oilseed flaking is a critical factor in the oil extraction process, as the seed's microscopic oil cells are ruptured, allowing the extraction media to penetrate the material. State-of-the-art flaking technology.
The flaking mill OLFB utilizes the latest technology to achieve top flaking efficiency at rates of up to 500 tonnes per 24 hours. Its integrated feeding and mixing system increases throughput and overall flaking mill efficiency. The use of innovative high grade, centrifugal cast compound rolls and a patented roll end sealing system reduces wear and tear and residual oil in the extraction meal by up to 15%.

Flake thickness adjustment during operation increases plant up-time.
Manual and hydraulic adjustment of flake thickness can be performed without shutting down the flaking mill. This results in increased plant up-time and better production capacity utilization.

Compact, economical and environmentally-friendly.
The flaking mill OLFB's new drive concept features a single overhead drive mounted on top of the machine. Further innovative features include the integrated hydraulic unit and the machine control system mounted ergonomically on the service door. This means the mill requires up to 25% less plant space. The friction-optimized main drive and serpentine drive system considerably reduce drag and power consumption. Thus, the design offers economical performance that is also environmentally friendly.

Easy Maintenance, safe operation.

  • The unit's larger swing-away doors and panels provide maintenance personnel with fast and easy access to all major components. 
  • The integrated hydraulic unit and high-quality bearings require little to no maintenance. 
  • Rotating elements near operators have been eliminated wherever possible, making the flaking mill safer to use.

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