Extruder Control System PolyControl™ BCTB

Extruder Control System PolyControl™ BCTB – easy, understandable operation for high product reliability.

- Consistently high product quality
- High product reliability
- Reproducibility of recipes
- Valuable production statistics
- User-friendly

Extruder Control System PolyControl™ BCTB

The PolyControl™ system allows for fully automatic control of the extruder. It is used in application areas where extruders are typically employed: in the production of breakfast cereals, petfood, aquafeed and food ingredients. Automatic operation for consistent product quality and minimal waste.
The fully automatic control of the extruder provided by PolyControl™ ensures a consis-tently high product quality – regardless of the operator. 
  • In automatic mode, torque is monitored and all relevant process parameters are reliably regulated. 
  • Thanks to defined start-up and shut-down phases, the extruder is switched into the production phase more quickly and reliably – waste is reduced to a minimum. 
  • The extruder can also be operated manually – e.g. during product development. 

Outstanding range of features for high product reliability.
The excellent range of features offered by the PolyControl™ system guarantees the highest degree of product reliability and precise traceability: 

  • The process value recording function records all relevant actual process values. 
  • The labeling of product samples as part of an ongoing recording process allows for inferences on production parameters. 
  • Trend curves are recorded which can be stored in external files. It is possible to ana-lyze recorded curve data while simultaneously recording new data. 

Integrated recipe management for 100% reproducibility.
The integrated recipe management stores more than 1000 recipes with all the set-points required for a given product. This guarantees the reproducibility and quality of a product.

Production statistics – valuable information for increasing profitability.
The PolyControl™ system stores all relevant process parameters such as accumulated feeder throughputs. In this way, production statistics can be compiled that make key information on increasing the profitability of production available.

Smooth operation thanks to a high level of user-friendliness.
The easy operation of the PolyControl™ system via intuitive touch-screen interface minimizes the risk of operator errors, thus ensuring smooth operation: 

Regardless of the language of the PC operating system, PolyControl™ can be set to operate completely in the desired language. 

Different user groups with varying access rights can be created. 

The control system is available as either a single location version or as a server/client/viewer system – which makes online support through Bühler specialists possible.


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