Ecothermatik™ long-cut pasta dryer

Ecothermatik™ long-cut pasta dryer – energy efficiency and top pasta quality.

- Energy saving: Up to 40% less thermal energy, 20% less cooling energy and 10% less
  electrical energy
- Top pasta quality thanks to innovative drying concept
- User friendliness and line reliability with simple design and renewed stick transport
- Reduced floor-space, compared to traditional lines

long-cut pasta dryer

The Bühler Ecothermatik™ dryer is a revolutionary development for drying long­cut pasta. The underlying technology combines low energy consumption, top pasta quality and excellent user friendliness in a unique manner. This technology puts customers a step ahead: with market­leading technology that redefines process efficiency. Energy saving
The Ecothermatik™ dryer optimizes thermal energy usage thanks to the recovery in-process of heat from exhaust air flows. The fully integrated thermal system allow for reduction in cooling energy. Electric consumption is reduced by optimized aerodynamics and the use of energy-efficient fans.
This improves the sustainability of pasta production and impacts directly on production costs.

Top pasta quality
The Ecothermatik™ drying cycle is based on a scientific concept: the glass transition.
Pasta is dried in its rubbery state from the pre-dryer, with an intelligent climate control system and more humid drying air. This results in stress-less drying and optimal conditions to deliver perfect cooking characteristics and al dente texture.
The low shrinkage stress minimizes structural defects and allow for a shorter stabilization time, while still allowing the appropriate adjustment of pasta color.

User friendliness and food safety
The generously sized elements and simple mechanics allow easy access for cleaning and maintenance, resulting in top food safety and highest production continuity.
For higher productivity lines, with a multi-tier configuration, the innovative, dual-stick transport ensure maximum reliability with accurate pick-up and drop-off of each stick and no un-guided transfer among chains.

Reduced floor-space
The configuration on multi-tiers of higher productivity Ecothermatik™ lines allows the full advantage of the shorter stabilization time, resulting in significantly reduced length.

Video: Ecothermatik™ at Arbella Makarna, Turkey

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Bühler IPACK-IMA Feature Video: Energy Efficient Processing

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European Food Processing Implementation Award 2012 The Ecothermatik™ is the winner of the European Food Processing Implementation Award 2012.
International FoodTec Award 2012 The Ecothermatik™ was honored with the Silver Medal in the International FoodTec Award 2012.


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