Eco Dry

Eco Dry – Drying systems for grain and oil seeds.

- Low energy consumption
- Gentle and uniform drying
- Low dust emission

Eco Dry

The proper conservation of grain and oil seeds safeguards their quality and their value for the producer. In addition to cleaning and the method of storage, drying plays a key role as well. It is only when the moisture has been removed that the raw products become suitable for storage and losses can be avoided. The Eco Dry is the result of on-going research & development aimed at an even more efficient solution for drying grain, corn, canola, rice, sunflowers and other cereals. The Eco Dry is designed for the installation in reception and storage plants as well in plants for grain trade. Furthermore they are utilized in the processing industry e.g. oil mills or at the production of parboiled rice.

Low energy consumption

  • Recirculation of non-saturated exhaust air and pre-heated cooling air which is also non-saturated.

Gentle and uniform drying

  • Displacement of the moister grains in the middle of the product flow to the outside cuts the thermal load on the product in half and uses energy more efficiently.

Gentle and uniform drying

  • The diagonal roof arrangement means continually changing air flow directions and a further reduction in the thermal load on the product.

Low dust emission

  • Highly efficient centrifugal dedusting system, even with moist dust residual dust content normally < 20 mg/m³; no problems with clogging of common bag filter systems.

Product groups

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Video Eco Dry

Video Eco Dry