DynaMet 4V automated vacuum sputtering metallizer

DynaMet 4V automated vacuum sputtering metallizer –Vertical sputtering for three-dimensional parts

- High productivity
- High reliability
- Full automation capability

DynaMet 4V

The DynaMet 4V by Bühler Leybold Optics is a fully automated, ultra-fast load/lock-type vacuum sputtering machine used for the coating of three-dimensional parts. With a maximum substrate depth of 250 mm and a frame size of up to 840 x 440 mm, the system can coat large, complex molded parts such as reflectors for car lamps like no other vertical vacuum coating system. It can be used with typical sputtering materials including aluminum, chromium, stainless steel and many others – depending on the final product and the respective coating. For maximizing productivity, the DynaMet 4V is designed to be easily integrated into fully automated conveyor and production systems. Rotary carrier movement system offers high productivity
  • With regards to cycle time, the backbone of the DynaMet 4V vertical coating machine is the rotary carrier movement system. In combination with the high-rate inter-pole target (IPT) magnetron for metal deposition and the plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) sources for top-coat deposition, very fast cycle times can be achieved. For instance, a highly reflective aluminum layer plus protective top-coat layer can be deposited onto a car-lamp reflector typically in less than 35 s.
  • Finally, the very efficient vacuum pumping system of the DynaMet 4V enhances the overall productivity of the system.

Inline process ensures a maximum in process reliability
Due to the quasi inline process approach of the DynaMet 4V, the individual processing areas are constantly under perfect process conditions. This machine configuration allows a maximum in process reliability and stability, resulting in an excellent and constant layer quality.

Better economy thanks to full automation capability
The DynaMet 4V is well prepared for loading and unloading of the workpieces by using fully automated robot technology. When applied, automatic substrate handling effectively reduces the cost per piece and therefore increases the overall profitability of the system significantly.